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About Honeypot


Honeypot Montessori is a Black woman-led, nature learning micro-school located in the Greater Newark area. We are the first of its kind and have situated ourselves at the heart of Newark's community revitalization and environmental justice movements to encourage residents to reshape our collective understanding towards educating Black and Brown children for life and liberation as an important factor. The use of the Montessori method inspires radical creativity, independence, and critical thinking in children as they journey towards self-construction.


Nature Immersion


Children establish a connection with the natural world through gardening, care of animals, and care of the community. We will have a seasonal edible garden. Research shows that children who experience nature develop better prosocial behaviors.


Village Model


We are a community-based environment that encourages our children and families to interweave with the local community. We will host community classes and parent events.


Micro School


Our guide-to-child ratio is 1:10 making for a smaller class size which increases learning and exploration time. We provide individualized care and attention to our children and their families.

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