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Summer Camp


We are happy to offer summer programming beginning June 26th to August 4th for ages 3-6 years old. We look forward to a summer of recreational fun! See below for more details. 




$300 per week
$1800 =
6 weeks
includes all trips and registration fees

***We are offering a $300 discount for participants who complete summer registration before Memorial Day weekend
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Camp Themes


Week 1


Introduction to Nature

  • Children will learn about nature by exploring their local park and everything that grows there. 

  • They will craft an animal-friendly project, participate in a nature walk and scavenger hunt

  • And participate in our pollinators garden


Week 2


Exploring the Creative Arts

  • Children will learn about cultures that use nature to produce creative arts

  • They will work to create their own nature-inspired artwork

  • This week children will also explore how nature sounds are used in indigenous music


Week 3


Science and Technology

  • Children will learn about natural sciences such as biology, chemistry, and earth science

  • Children will be able to conduct several science experiments

  • Children will learn how nature influences scientific innovations


Week 4


Culture and History

  • Children will learn about different cultures through food, art, and dance.

  • Children will learn how nature relationships are different across cultures 


Week 5


Adventure and Fitness

  • Children will participate in team-building and problem-solving activities, outdoor games, and sports

  • Camp field day


Week 6


Culinary Arts

  • Children will learn about locally grown foods

  • Children will get to participate in cooking and baking demonstrations

  • Children will learn about how we use food from nature to keep our bodies healthy


Academic Acceleration


A Montessori Summer


Children will participate in the Montessori work cycle at the start of camp mornings. They will work through mathematics and language activities to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Mathematic lessons include a foundational understanding of numbers and quantities, an introduction to place value, and operational math. Language lessons include phonics, handwriting, sight words, and vocabulary.

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